Digital Temperature Sensor For Boiler, Clean Room And Machine Room
boiler temp sensor, boiler temperature sensor, boiler supply temperature sensor
  • boiler temp sensor, boiler temperature sensor, boiler supply temperature sensor

Digital Temperature Sensor For Boiler, Clean Room And Machine Room

The DS18B20 does not require an external power source to function. The device is powered when the data line DQ is high. The internal capacitor (Spp) charges when the bus is pulled high, and the capacitor powers the device when the bus is pulled low. "Parasitic power" is the term used to describe this method of 1-Wire bus device powering.

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Digital Temperature Sensor For Boiler, Clean Room And Machine Room

DS18B20 can be powered without external power supply. When the data line DQ is high, it supplies power to the device. When the bus is pulled high, the internal capacitor (Spp) is charged, and when the bus is pulled low, the capacitor supplies power to the device. This method of powering devices from the 1-Wire bus is called "parasitic power."


Features Of :

Temperature Accuracy -10°C~+80°C error ±0.5°C
Working Temperature range -55℃~+105℃
Insulation Resistance 500VDC ≥100MΩ
Suitable Long-distance Multi-point Temperature detection
Wire Customization Recommended PVC sheathed wire
Connector XH,SM.5264,2510,5556
Support OEM, ODM order
Product compatible with REACH and RoHS certifications
SS304 material compatible with FDA and LFGB certifications.


The Internal Composition Of Boiler Temperature Sensor

It mainly consists of the following three parts: 64-bit ROM, high-speed register, memory

  • 64-bit ROMs:

The 64-bit serial number in the ROM is lithographically carved before leaving the factory. It can be regarded as the address serial number of the DS18B20, and the 64-bit serial number of each DS18B20 is different. In this way, the purpose of connecting multiple DS18B20s on one bus can be realized.

  • High-speed scratchpad:

One byte of temperature high limit and temperature low limit alarm trigger (TH and TL)

The configuration register allows the user to set 9-bit, 10-bit, 11-bit and 12-bit temperature resolution, corresponding to the temperature resolution: 0.5°C, 0.25°C, 0.125°C, 0.0625°C, the default is 12 bit resolution

  • memory:

Composed of a high-speed RAM and an erasable EEPROM, the EEPROM stores high and low temperature triggers (TH and TL) and configuration register values, (that is, stores low and high temperature alarm values and temperature resolution)


The Applications Of Boiler Temperature Sensor

Its uses are many, including air-conditioning environmental control, sensing the temperature inside a building or machine, and process monitoring and control. Its appearance is mainly changed according to different application occasions. The packaged DS18B20 can be used for temperature measurement in cable trenches, temperature measurement in blast furnace water circulation, boiler temperature measurement, machine room temperature measurement, agricultural greenhouse temperature measurement, clean room temperature measurement, ammunition depot temperature measurement and other non-limit temperature occasions. Wear-resistant and impact-resistant, small size, easy to use, and various packaging forms, it is suitable for digital temperature measurement and temperature control of various equipment in small spaces.




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