Types of Sensors for Smart Home Solutions

Types of Sensors for Smart Home Solutions

2023-02-21 16:47:08

Temperature Sensors


Temperature sensors are capable of detecting any fluctuations of temperature in their surroundings.

The information from these temperature sensors is used by the home automation solution regulation of the temperature within the rooms to a desired level, to perform certain actions such as turning on the fans and air conditioners, rolling down the curtains, etc. based on the user’s request.

Some of the commonly used temperature sensors in smart home solutions.


* NTC Temperature Sensor:



* DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor


Temperature and Humidity Sensors


Humidity sensors are a great way to keep in check humidity levels. The ideal humid level within homes should range between 30 percent and 50 percent.

If the moisture level goes below or above this range, it leads to allergy, dryness of the skin, or at higher levels a feeling of heaviness, and the air becomes suffocating.

Many smart thermostats now come integrated with humidity sensors to detect any change in the moisture level.

These sensors help in maintaining the air quality and alert you about the presence of allergens, mold growth, etc.  




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