Application of NTC thermistor in 3D printer

Application of NTC thermistor in 3D printer

2023-03-08 15:16:44

Application of NTC thermistor in 3D printer


With the development of the office automation field, the application of 3D printers is more and more extensive, especially in the manufacturing industry and the automobile industry is particularly important, and the things made by 3D printers are colorful and exquisite, which is the delicacy that can not be done manually.

The working principle of 3D printer is basically the same as that of ordinary printer, but the printing materials are somewhat different. The printing materials of ordinary printer are ink and paper, while the materials of 3D printer may be metal, ceramic, plastic, sand and other materials, which are real raw materials.3D printer is a kind of technology made by CAD (computer-aided design) through molding equipment in the way of material accumulation to make a physical model, through the computer program can "print materials" layer by layer, and finally turn the blueprint on the computer into a real object.

3D printers usually use NTC thermistor to control the temperature. By controlling the temperature in the printing process, the accuracy and success rate of 3D printing are improved, so as to realize the color in 3D printing and the effect of modeling 3D model products.

NTC stands for negative temperature coefficient.That is, as the temperature rises, the resistance decreases.The materials used in NTC thermistors are usually silicon and germanium, whose resistance values can vary by many orders of magnitude within their temperature range.

The most commonly used NTC thermistors in 3D printers are single-ended glass encapsulation thermistors, which feature a glass package with a glass body that provides an airtight seal and voltage insulation to operate in hot and humid environments.



XinYongSheng Electronics uses radial lead single-ended glass encapsulated NTC thermistor,with features of small size, very short response time, heat resistance and high stability, temperature range from -40to + 300.

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