Temperature sensor for electric oven air fryer and microwave oven

Brief Introduction:
Y07 series adopts High-thermal-conductive glue and fixed with Riveting, it can be customized according to every customer requirements such as dimensions, appearance, characteristics and so on. Such customization will help customer easy install easily. This series have stable and reliable performance, high sensitivity of measuring temperature.

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Electric oven, air fryer, microwave oven


1.Easy to install, can be customized according to your requirement
2.High sensitivity of measuring temperature
2.High precision of Resistance value and B value, good consistency and stability
3. Excellent performance of high-temperature resistance and voltage resistance
4. Wide range of application
5. Usage of food-grade level SS304 material
6. Products are in accordance with the RoHS, REACH certification
7. The parts of SS304 material which connected the food directly can meet the FDA and LFGB certification


1. Recommendation as follows:
R25℃=100KΩ±1% B25/50℃=3950K±1% or
R25℃=98.63KΩ±1% B25/85℃=4066K±1% or
R200℃=1KΩ±3% B100/200℃=4300K±2%
2. Working temperature range:
-30℃~+200℃ or
-30℃~+250℃ or

3. Thermal time constant: MAX. 7sec.
4. Insulation voltage: 1800VAC, 2sec.
5. Insulation resistance: 500VDC ≥100MΩ
6. Teflon cable is recommended
7. Connectors are recommended for PH, XH, SM, 5264 and so on
8. Above characteristics all can be customized

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