Temperature sensor for food thermometer, BBQ oven thermometer, RF thermometer

Brief Introduction:
Y35 series, using high-thermal-conductivity thermal paste that will quicken the temperature-detecting speed. The shape and size for the SS304 tube are designed and produced to meet customer’s requirements. The dimension of shrinking tip for SS304 tube is also custom-made, the smaller the shrinking tip is, the quicker the detecting speed will be. and the water-proof level can be IPX0, IPX3, IPX4, IPX7. The curve and shrinking tip design of 304 stainless steel tube is easy for user to insert into the meat and solid food. The material of handle is resistant of  315℃ in the picture 2, it is applicable for grill, oven such high-temperature kitchen equipments. Using ss304 springs to protect cable from damage in daily use. This series of products have stable and reliable performance, high temperature sensitivity.

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Food thermometers, oven thermometers, air fryer temperature probes


1. Sizes and appearance can be customized according to the designed constructure
2. High sensitivity of measuring temperature, high-temperature resistance
3. Resistance value and B value have high accuracy, products have an excellent consistency and stability
4. Wide range of applications
5. Products are in accordance with the RoHS, REACH certification
6. Usage of SS304 material which contact food directly can meet the FDA and LFGB certification
7. Can be customized with water-proof level from IPX3 to IPX7


1.Recommendation as follows:
R25℃=98.63KΩ±1% B25/85℃=4066K±1% or
R25℃=100KΩ±1% B25/50℃=3950K±1% or
R200℃=1KΩ±3%, B100/200℃=4300K±2%
2. Working temperature range:
-50℃~+300℃ or -50℃~+380℃

3. Thermal time constant: MAX.10sec.
4. 380℃ food-level SS304 braided sleeved within PTFE cable is recommended
5. The connector can be 2.5mm or 3.5mm audio plug
6. Above characteristics all can be customized

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