K-Type Thermocouples For Thermometers
oem thermocouple sensor, thermometer thermocouple
  • oem thermocouple sensor, thermometer thermocouple

K-Type Thermocouples For Thermometers

The most often used temperature sensors are thermocouple devices. This is due to the fact that thermocouples exhibit steady performance, a broad temperature measuring range, long-distance signal transmission, etc. They also have a straightforward structure and are simple to operate. Thermocouples make display, recording, and transmission simple by directly converting thermal energy into electrical impulses.

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K-Type Thermometers Thermocouples
Thermocouple temperature sensors are the most commonly used temperature sensors. This is because thermocouples have the characteristics of stable performance, wide temperature measurement range, long-distance signal transmission, etc., and are simple in structure and easy to use. Thermocouples convert thermal energy directly into electrical signals, making display, recording, and transmission easy.


The Features of K-Type Thermometers Thermocouples

Working Temperature Range


First-level Accuracy

±0.4% or ±1.1℃

Response Speed



TT-K-36-SLE thermocouple wire


The Working Principle of Thermometers Thermocouples

A closed circuit composed of two material conductors of different composition. When there is a temperature gradient across the circuit, current will flow in the circuit. At this time, whether there is an electric potential-thermoelectric potential between the two ends of the development, this is what we call the Seebeck effect.

The homogeneous conductors of two different components are hot electrodes, the high temperature end is the working end, the low temperature end is the free end, and the free end is usually in a constant temperature state. According to the relationship between thermoelectric potential and temperature, make a thermocouple indexing table; the indexing table is an indexing table whose free end temperature is 0°C and different thermoelectric phenomena occasionally appear differently.

When the third metal material is connected to the thermocouple circuit, as long as the two junctions are at the same temperature, the thermoelectric potential generated by the thermocouple remains the same, that is, it is not affected by the third metal inserted into the circuit. Therefore, when the thermocouple measures the working temperature, it can be connected to the technical measuring instrument, and after measuring the thermoelectric potential, the temperature of the measured medium can be known by itself.

Oem Thermometer Thermocouple Sensor




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