Thermometer Probe
thermometer sensor probe
thermometer sensor probe
thermometer sensor probe
thermometer sensor probe
  • thermometer sensor probe
  • thermometer sensor probe
  • thermometer sensor probe
  • thermometer sensor probe

Thermometer Probe

Thermal paste with a high thermal conductivity is used in this line of temperature sensors. It is possible to construct different plastic shafts to fit the structure of the customer, making it simple for them to install. The smallest stainless steel tube tip size that can be tailored to meet temperature measurement speed requirements is 1.5mm, and numerous characteristic characteristics can also be matched or customized to meet customer needs. High-temperature measurement sensitivity and steady and reliable performance are features of this product line.

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Thermometer Sensor Probe

This series of temperature sensors use high thermal conductivity thermal paste. Various plastic shafts can be designed according to the customer's structure, which is convenient for customers to install according to the structure. According to the temperature measurement speed requirements, various stainless steel tube tip sizes can be customized, the smallest can be Φ1.5mm, and various characteristic parameters can be customized or matched according to customer needs. This series of products have stable and reliable performance and high-temperature measurement sensitivity.


The Features of Thermometer Probe 

  • Size can be customized according to the installation structure.
  • High-temperature measurement sensitivity, from room temperature to 100 degrees water within 3 seconds.
  • Resistance value and B value have high precision, good consistency, and stable performance.
  • High-temperature resistance, wide application range.
  • Plastic shafts of different materials can be designed according to customer needs
  • Food grade SS304


The Characteristic Parameters of Thermometer Probe 

Recommend R25℃=100KΩ±1% B25/50℃=3950K±1% R25℃=98.63KΩ±1% B25/85℃=4066K±1% R200℃=1KΩ±3% B100/200℃=4300K±2%
Working Temperature range -50℃~+300℃
Thermal Time constant MAX.4sec
Wire Teflon wire
Support OEM, ODM order


The Applications of Thermometer Probe 

Food thermometers, milk thermometers, and food probes.

thermometer sensor probe application

The detection significance of Thermometer Probe 

The suitable temperature for bacterial growth is in the range of 10-60°C. Therefore, the storage temperature of food should be controlled below 10°C. Food processing should be cooked thoroughly, and its core temperature should be above 70°C and kept for a certain period of time to kill bacteria. Food that is more than 2 hours after cooking and before consumption should be stored at a temperature higher than 60°C or lower than 10°C. Cooked products that need to be refrigerated should be refrigerated between 0 and 10°C after cooling.


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