Meat Stick Temperature Probe

Meat Stick Temperature Probe

Elevate your grilling game to new heights with the meat stick temperature probe, the ultimate companion for any BBQ master or home cook. This innovative device ensures that your meats are cooked to perfection every time, taking the guesswork out of grilling and roasting.

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Stick and Meat Probe

This is a meat probe with a SS 304 or Aluminum handle, you can customize the handle style. The temperature measurement accuracy is ±1%, and temperature measurement time is 2-3 seconds, and SS 304 stainless steel pipe is easy to clean and store.Whether you’re a professional chef or a weekend griller, this meat stick probe is the secret ingredient to achieving perfectly cooked meals.

The Features of Meat probe

  • Size can be customized
  • SS 304 handle or Aluminum  handle
  • High-temperature measurement sensitivity
  • The resistance value and B value have high precision, good consistency, and stable performance.
  • High-temperature resistance, wide application range.
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel, food grade silicone wire.


The Characteristic Parameters of Meat Probe

NTC thermistor Recommend R25℃=100 ±1%  B25/85℃=4066K±1% 

R25℃=100 ±1%  B25/50℃ =3950K ±1%    

Working temperature range -50℃~+380℃
Thermal Time constant 2-3sec / 5sec(max.)
Wire 26AWG 380  300V PTFE WIRE 
Handle SS 304 or Aluminum handle
Support OEM,ODM order

The Applications of meat probe 

 BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Grill, Roast, Beef Steak, Pork Chop, Gravy, Soup, Turkey, Candy, Food, Milk, Coffee, Juice, bath water for baby care.

bbq thermometer probes application 

The advantages of meat probe

1.Precision Cooking: Achieve the perfect level of doneness for any meat with the meat stick probe’s precise temperature readings.

2.Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of cooking methods, including grilling, roasting, smoking, and sous vide.

3.User-Friendly: The meat stick temperature probe is incredibly easy to use, with a simple setup process and intuitive app integration.

4.Easy to Clean: The meat stick temperature probe is designed for hassle-free cleaning, making post-cooking cleanup a breeze.




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