Digital meat temperature probe

Digital meat temperature probe

Master the art of precision cooking with the instant read kitchen thermometer, an essential tool for any culinary aficionado.
Designed to deliver quick and accurate temperature readings, this kitchen thermometer probe is perfect for ensuring your dishes are prepared to perfection, whether you’re baking, grilling, or candy making.

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BBQ Meat Thermometer



  • Model: XYS-CWF-2639
  • Plug: 3.5mm straight plug red/orange/blue/purple/yellow/green
  • Wire: 304 SS braid 380 PTFE one-core
  • Ceramic bead: ф8.0mm red/orange/blue/purple/yellow/green
  • Aluminum handle:ф10.0mm (oxidation treatment)
  • Needle:304 needle ф3.8mm (apply with FDA and LFGB)
  • NTC Thermistor: R100=3.3KΩ    B0/100=3970K±2%   


The Application of  Thermometer Probe

BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Grill, Roast, Beef Steak, Pork Chop, Gravy, Soup, Turkey, Candy, Food, Milk, Coffee, Juice, bath water for baby care.

The Advantages of food thermometer 

1.Precision Cooking: Achieve the perfect temperature every time, for every dish, thanks to the accurate readings provided by the kitchen temperature probe.

2.Time-Saving: No more waiting around for slow thermometers; the instant read feature allows you to quickly check temperatures and adjust cooking times as needed.

3.Enhanced Food Safety: Ensure your food reaches safe temperatures to prevent foodborne illnesses.

4.Improved Taste and Texture: Cooking your food to the right temperature can enhance its flavor and texture, making your dishes more enjoyable.

5.User-Friendly: The simple design and intuitive operation make it easy for anyone to use, regardless of cooking experience.

6.Versatile Application: The kitchen probe thermometer is suitable for a variety of cooking methods, including grilling, baking, frying, and candy making.

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Thermometer Needs?

BBQ probe purpose: In order to judge the doneness of barbecue, a food temperature probe must be used. Without a food probe, it will cause unnecessary stress, because the difference between uncooked food and cooked food is only several degrees.   Sometimes, you will want to keep low temperature and slow roasting at around 110 degrees Celsius or 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Long-term slow roasting can maximize the flavor of the ingredients while ensuring that the moisture inside the meat is not lost. It will be more tender and juicy.Sometimes, you want to heat it quickly at about 135-150 degrees Celsius or 275-300 degrees Fahrenheit. So different ingredients have different grilling methods, different food portions and grilling times are different, so it cannot be judged simply by time. It is not recommended to open the lid all the time while grilling to observe whether this will affect the taste of the food.At this time, using a food temperature probe can greatly help you understand the temperature peaks intuitively, ensuring that all your food tastes delicious and is cooked to the level you want. 

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